Top 10 Little Blue Heron Amazing Facts

10. Little Blue Heron eat small fish, insects, crabs, dragonflies, and grasshoppers.

9. Little Blue Heron live and hunt around fresh water, salt water, and brackish (mixed) water.

8. Little Blue Heron sometimes fight and even kill their own younger siblings for food and shelter.

7. Little Blue Heron catch fish and other prey using their beak as a spear.

6. Little Blue Heron can be found all the way in Canada, Florida, and even Peru in South America.

5. Baby Blue Heron can begin flying as soon as four weeks from birth.

4. Little Blue Heron mating rituals include grabbing, pulling, and shaking branches to attract attention and display courtship.

3. Little Blue Heron are subject to poisoning if they live, hunt, and feed in certain agricultural runoff areas.

2. The Little Blue Heron’s scientific name is Egretta caerulea.

1. Little Blue Heron lay blue-green colored eggs, and they are native and imperiled species in South Florida’s Everglades.

By Jacob Katel

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