Top 10 Facts About Seagrass

Never sniff an underwater flower, but always enjoy its amazing power. Seagrass meadows grow in acres by the millions around the world and help to clean the ocean and the air. Here are ten amazing facts about seagrass.

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10. Seagrass forms the nursery of of the sea for all of the aquatic creatures in their first stage of life. Baby shrimp, crabs, sharks and other fish all seek safe haven in the seagrass ecosystem.

9. Seagrass is a flowering plant. It’s a living breathing thing just like coral.

8. It provides a filtering system for our water quality by intercepting sediment, blocking turbidity, providing oxygen, and consuming carbon dioxide.

7. Three types of seagrass in South Florida are Manatee Grass, Shoal Grass, and Turtle Grass, and both manatees and sea turtles do actually feed on the grass.

6. Parts of Biscayne Bay, Manatee Bay, and Florida Bay have seen widespread seagrass depletion from a variety of pollution.

5. Manatees eat seagrass. The world is like a salad bar for the West Indian Manatee.

4. Seagrass flats are considered some of the best fishing environments on Earth.

3. Of the 32 largest cities in the world, 22 are located on estuaries. Seagrass is a major feature of the Miami estuary.

2. Seagrass is currently found on every continent except Antarctica.

1. Seagrass is totally different from Seaweed!

By Jacob Katel

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