Top 10 Amazing Alligator Facts

10. American Alligators live about fifty years in the wild.

9. American Alligators are usually dormant for most of the winter. They stop feeding when the temperature goes below 70˙ Fahrenheit.

8. Unlike most other reptiles, American Alligators have a four chambered heart.

7. After they grow to four feet nothing much kills an alligator, but in their first few years of life 80% of them are killed by birds, fish, and mammals.

6. An alligator is considered a Crocodilian, and crocodilians are one of the few reptiles that offer motherly love and protection to their baby and juvenile offspring.

5. Alligators can be identified in the dark of night by shining a light at their eyes, which glow red.

4. Alligators are covered in armored plating called “bony scutes.”

3. Alligators have been shown to engage in group courtship and mating rituals called “alligator dances.”

2. There are only two species of Alligator. there is the American Alligator and the Chinese Alligator.

  1. There are over one million wild alligators in Florida.

By Jacob Katel

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