Solution Holes Of The Everglades

Most of Florida is a karstic paradise, where the limestone bedrock is exposed at the surface of the earth and hydrodynamics push billions of gallons of rainwater over and through clusters of solution holes along inland water transfer routes formed one millimeter at a time, over thousands of years, beginning millions of years ago when naturally occurring acid dissolved tunnels and voids through the limestone creating sink holes, solution holes, underwater caves, and various astonishing geologic features. This process of geology is called Chemical Weathering because it is a result of a chemical reaction between Carbonic Acid in the rain water and Calcium Carbonate in the rock. These solution holes are the outlet for a subterranean superhighway for water flowing from Pensacola to Key West. And these photos of a bunch of cool solution holes in Everglades National Park offer a behind the scenes look at my book Hidden Springs of The Everglades.

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By Jacob Katel

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