Mysterious Waters Near South Florida Agriculture


Krome Ave is rocking. Spend five minutes at its intersection with SW 88th Street and you’re likely to see more tons of concrete roll through than it takes to build a plaza. The highway offers a seemingly endless convoy of eighteen-wheelers and dump trucks that render these crossroads a rumbling heavy-metal driving force for the… Continue reading Mysterious Waters Near South Florida Agriculture

Watery Miami Documentary

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Watery Miami is a new one-hour nature documentary covering 120 miles of Miami-Dade County by kayak. From Star Island to the Everglades through Little River, Coral Gables, Old Cutler, and Homestead, this epic adventure offers a flood of perspective, and a book of seven essays and 180 photos, on the nature, science, and history of… Continue reading Watery Miami Documentary

Cat Tail Reed In The Everglades?


Ironic that a fluffy tubular fauna named after a feline appendage should nearly decimate the mighty sawgrass of the Florida Everglades, but that’s just what cat tail reed has done in parts.

Underwaterville Florida News Coverage Areas

South Florida, where stories flood the shore like waves in a storm. Wanna see something weird, cool, or amazing? All you have to do is walk outside. And that is exactly what this site intends to do. Take the viewer through the farthest reaches and closest corners of the greater Miami area through a mix… Continue reading Underwaterville Florida News Coverage Areas

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