Over A Mile of Key Largo Fencing Is Still Knocked Over

It’s been over a month since the last Underwaterville report on the mile of knocked over sea fence in Key Largo and the situation has actually gotten worse, with sporadic breaks and busted out sections of fence over what is now a five mile area from around mile marker 110 north.

The photos shown above represent one section between mile markers 111 and 110, and as you can see nobody has done anything about it.

As previously stated, this highway lies in direct proximity to our national marine sanctuary and is owned and operated by the State of Florida who should immediately hire a local contractor and local workers to fix this forthwith.

What’s the point of the fence anyway? It’s not going to stop a car from going into the ocean, and it’s not going to stop the ocean from going over the road. If it’s knocked over, it’s not going to fulfill its intended purpose whatever that may be, and it’s only breaking down more as time goes on.

Wake up State of Florida, we had an epic battle with too many hurricanes to name in 2020, and if next season comes around and these broken fences aren’t fixed, that’s a very poor symbol of how Tallahassee feels about Monroe County, one of its greatest and most historic assets.

By Jacob Katel

Diving into news about water.