Kayaking Key Largo, FL – Blackwater Sound

Blackwater Sound is a semi protected body of water encompassing about four miles between the west coast of Key Largo and the underwater back country of Everglades National Park, Florida Bay section.

It connects to Jewfish Creek, Barnes Sound, Largo Sound, Tavernier Creek, Little Blackwater Sound, Buttonwood Sound, and the aforementioned Florida Bay.

Blackwater Sound is known for pretty tranquil waters that can grow quickly angry in the typical fast moving storms and squalls that roll through the upper keys and Everglades on a regular and near daily basis in the active wet season that forms half the year of life in South Florida.

Plenty of local boat traffic and packs of wave runners out having a blast all year long.

There are boat loads of fishing spots in Blackwater Sound. You can catch Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit, Snook, Snapper, Grunt, Jack, Barracuda, Shark, Ocean Trout, and many more.

Thanks to Adams Cut, aka The Key Largo Waterway, aka The Cut, aka the Marvin D. Adams Waterway, Blackwater Sound offers easy access to the Atlantic Ocean through John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park via manmade channel.

Or you can head due west from Key Largo Beach Boat Rentals, and hit The Boggies, a series of mangrove trails into Everglades National Park that offer miles of opportunities for fishing, exploring, and adventuring.

Beyond that, North Nest Key has camp grounds, and you’ll find boaters around there partying it up on the sand bar.

Blackwater Sound is known to be about six feet deep pretty consistently across the sea floor, and the acreage of interlocked mangroves that surround it offer protection in extreme weather emergencies, though powerful storms can and do perform with rollicking effect.

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Blackwater Sound is the location of Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill, a Marriott Resort Hotel, a nice array of quality local non-chain restaurants like Snook’s and Bayside Grille, good supermarkets, good gas stations (shoutout Tom Thumb), condos, docks, marinas, and historic bars like The Caribbean Club, and Gilbert’s.

With great amenities and natural areas for all kinds of recreation, plus all the comforts of a vacation paradise, Blackwater Sound is an excellent choice for kayaking in Key Largo.