Kayak Miami at Star Island

Biscayne Bay, Flagler Monument Island, Star Island Area – ©Jacob Katel. all rights reserved

Kayak in Miami around Star Island and you can join the geographic ranks of Shaquille O’Neal, Gloria Estefan, Don Johnson, Sean Combs, J. Lo, and Alex Rodriguez.

For Star Island is where these celebrities chose to spend their millions. Diddy had a house here. Rosie O’Donnell had a house here. There’s been former presidents, former dictators. There’s been barons of industry.

There’s been people in Miami Beach from the largest levels of inherited wealth in the history of the American life cycle. This is where rich people go to play and party. South Beach is where the true big money goes to buy real estate. Miami is where people choose to live and be inspired. This is where great artists of the time; generations live. There’s been crime here. There’s been death here. There’s been destruction here. There’s been military here. There’s been fire here. There’s been floods, and there’s been planes, and there’s been cocaine. This is all built on the back of the things that make Miami what it is known as today.

Where are we? I’m where the stars align, where the money’s at, where the riches dwell, where the treasure’s at. This is Star Island. This is South Beach. This is purple, blue, green, emerald, diamond encrusted water. Gold flakes in it. Candy paint blue, baby. This is real natural unnaturality. Everything here is built by humans. Everything here is what they used to call man made. But we could call “Woman-made,” we could call “Human-Made.” This was all built. This is all unnatural. This is artificial. These islands didn’t exist. They were built.

They were built through the forces of construction. When canals are dredged and left with the rubble of the rocks that they create the canals with this is what they go to create. In some part.

This is the land of popular culture. This is the land of unpopular culture. This is the coconut palm, imported and grown here. This is the great pineapple. This is tropical life. Star Island is in your brain. It’s in your mind. It’s a state of mind. It’s a state of fun and recreation.

And guess what, it’s in the publicly accessible waters of Biscayne Bay. Just about a thousand feet west of 14th street on South Beach. Just south of Flagler Monument Island.

This is a place known…This is a place known worldwide. The funny irony of this place right here is that you can dock your boat here and live here for free. Right next to an artificial island where the richest people on Earth live. At least some of em’. They’re right here.

Al Capone had a place here. He used to party out down here too. A lot of people travel here from South America, Central America, North America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, every, Australia, Africa. Every continent on Earth. People come here to party as they’ve done for centuries. Millenia.

This is a good place to go swimming. There’s plentiful fish to draw from. And these fish give you power. These fish give you the power to keep partying. And party is what you could do here. In the days of the Rum Runners and the Pirates, they were here. The Reef Wreckers and The Buccaneers. They were here. This is the party town. This is where it goes doowwn. This is where we do what we do. This is where we go to have fun. This is where rich people put money in the Earth and they make themselves a little paradise.

Just like a mangrove seed floating in the ocean is looking for a place to plant itself and create a whole new island. So are the rich people of the world like mangrove seeds floating around the Earth looking for the perfect place to recreate and spend the big money.

And what they’ve done here is they create a Star Island. And let me tell you it is a beautiful place. And despite all the decimation and depletion of the Seagrass. And all the various features of pollution that we’ve discussed here including from the septic tank seepage, from nutrient runoff, from fertilizers and pesticides, from the agricultural zones, and suburban zones, the dumpoff from the different waterways that lead them here including the ground water, the underground water, the aquifer, and the little watery volcanoes that erupt under the ground of the ocean. Despite all that, this is a beautiful place. One of the most beautiful on Earth. You could come out here and park for ten bucks at Watson Island at the marina and launch yourself out.

Go have a look around on a little eight foot piece of plastic that’s floating in the ocean. Powered by a thirty dollar paddle. That I put over hundreds of miles on exploring this terrain and these environments and finding out what is really going on. And creating this documentary so that you could see it for yourself. And you could form your opinion. And I could pass on my life experience and what I see and appreciate in order to try to make some money and have some fun. If you see this, I hope that you enjoy it. Truly. Get a boat. Get a little kayak. Get a little kayak, man. Get a little kayak man and come check it out over here at Star Island.

Some of the home sale prices here are forty million, thirty million, twenty million, ten million. A million dollars? You’re broke. If you’re a million dollars in the Star Island area you’re only a millionaire. Ey, check it out. Flagler Monument Island. This goes all the way to the beginnings.

2020 signifies one hundred years of Flagler Monument Island. This was a man-made island that was built in a perfect circle without a sea wall. Over time through the forces of hurricanes, natural currents and tides, and people jumping up and down and partying it’s not so much a perfect circle anymore but still one of the greatest symbols of freedom of the Biscayne Bay and the people who built it.

This very manmade island is dedicated to the man named Henry Flagler who was a Standard Oil baron from the north. From the northlands of the oil industry where he worked regularly with Rockefeller to create Standard Oil into the behemoth of a monopolistic power, in some people’s opinion, and great source of wealth. Julia Tuttle…Julia Tuttle sent Henry Flagler an orange blossom from Miami in the middle of winter. And that’s how he knew that there was a subtropical paradise here that he built a railroad to. Now, the people that built this railroad were uh, in majority consisted of the powerful Bahamian-American voting bloc who numbered in the hundreds to actually file a vote for the incorporation of the very city that’s known as Miami. Keep that in your mind. And that’s why this is Miami history.

By Jacob Katel

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