Inside The Solution Holes In The Everglades

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Solution holes are one of the most prominent yet little discussed features of the Florida landscape. From Pensacola to Key West, they pockmark the karstic bones of the very ground we stand on, helping fresh water flow under, through, and over the land on its way from a rain cloud, to the aquifer, to the ocean. Especially during the wet season, many of these solution holes fill with and expel water through the power of hydro-dynamics and the physical forces of gravity and pressure. But even more mysterious than these solution holes are the living beings that populate them. From algae to plants, fish, amphibians, and reptiles, all can be found thriving within their shadowy maze. And here is a slideshow exhibiting their underwater terrain in a batch of solution holes I explored in Everglades National Park’s “Hole In The Donut” ecological restoration area which is open for exploration between Anhinga Trail and the Nike Missile Base. You can walk across the bedrock of Florida, but swimming is illegal in the Everglades. Fishing is allowed in many areas of the park (with license) and so are kayaking and slough-slogging (walking or hiking through water). This makes the Everglades one of the best National Parks in the country. And no animals were seen in the taking of these pics other than a few small fish, but alligators and snakes can potentially be in the area so always stay fifteen feet away, and never feed or harass the wildlife. These photos were taken by a pole mounted camera on a stick.

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By Jacob Katel

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