Hydraulic Currents That Kill

Never ignore the signs of killer currents around dams. Every year, these deceptive forces overpower swimmers, paddlers, and casual floaters alike. Swift currents are known to slam and drown people against the hydraulic machinery that works to control the natural flow of water.

At first look, the waters around dams may seem perfectly safe. You may not see the whirlpool or detect the strength of the rip through movement on the surface. In fact, whatever visible current there is may look easy to overcome.

But the reality is very different.

Water spilling over a higher elevation creates a never ending drown-loop of power, where water falls under the force of its own weight and takes down anything its path. Just drop a stick in there and watch what happens.

No matter how tough, or strong, or brave you are, you are nothing to a rush of water, which can wipe you out without hesitation, thought, or mercy.

So always remember, respect the signs. It just might save your life.

By Jacob Katel

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