“Hole In The Donut” Everglades Restoration Area Update Slideshow

You gotta give it up to the “Hole In The Donut” ecological restoration area in Everglades National Park, it’s a great wild area to explore with a unique set of attributes that will soon disappear. And that’s actually part of the plan. For you see, this area was scraped down to the bone to get rid of the insidious scourge of invasive plant life like the Brazilian Pepper. From heavy metal machinery to machete blades, an elite cadre of scientists and landscapers gave this karstic earth a haircut and exposed its hardy skull. Now mammals like deer, racoon, and possum; various wading birds, hawks, and vultures; dragon flies, bees, and other pollinating insects will spread seeds, plant trees, fertilize plants, and promote reproduction. In no time flat, everything you see here may look totally different.

You cannot swim here and you shouldn’t even try. But you can of course respectfully walk or kayak through the water in a slough slog as long as you don’t harass any wildlife, and remember to protect your neck from the heat of the sun, and stay hydrated.

So here’s how it looks now, and if you want to know more, make sure to check out my new book Hidden Springs of The Everglades, available in e-book and paperback on Amazon.

By Jacob Katel

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