Hidden Springs Of The Everglades, New Book Explores The Karst

Florida is one of the most freshwater-spring populated landmasses on the planet. Even in Everglades National Park, where solution holes along slough routes transport water through the karstic bones we walk on.

How solution holes look with and without vegetation in Everglades National Park- ©Jacob Katel. All rights reserved.

Amidst historic high tides; local, state, and federal imperatives to restore more natural water flows along historic routes, and ecological restoration in the “Hole In The Donut” area, newly exposed terrain made it possible for me to create this book to show you some of what’s really going on out here.

So flip the page and check it out, and figure out a way to get on down here to see these amazing hidden springs of the Everglades for yourself. They are truly a wonder to behold. Enjoy!

By Jacob Katel

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