Gators Gone Wild in Shark Valley

Two massive armor plated dinosaurs face off in the valley of the shadow of death, but only one can claim the turf. What happens next?

Well, it’s an aggressive showdown between two American Alligators in the Florida Everglades at Shark Valley, and only one growler can be champion.

There I was, a stone’s throw from the action, like Joe Rogan in the Octagon at a UFC fight. But this battle has no referee, and if one of the competitor’s is killed, there’s no paperwork to fill out.

Welcome to the real wild South Florida, there’s no fences, and plenty of cold blooded killers, but you’re safer out amongst the reptiles than in the city limits, and that’s because there’s no cars to worry about. Be careful for the tourist tram though, it can be a danger to pedestrians and bike riders alike, so move over when it’s passing through.

As you can see from this video, both alligators want to lay claim to this area so they can catch some rays and attract some mates. They can’t do that with another gator in their area so the one chases the other off.

In this case, there was a threat, but not a show of violence, just quick feet and the settling of dust as the winner staked its land rights and the loser scuttled off into the distance.

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