Ft Lauderdale Area Flooding Continues

Another day, another news report about continued underwater problems in Broward County.

Sometimes it takes a storm to reveal iniquity. In this case Tropical Storm ETA has exposed the deepening fault lines of an internecine struggle for zoning and survival.

Flood remediation programs throughout the Florida county with the widest physical expanse have baked in typical social ills of racism and classism.

Rich areas with high median value homes are receiving preferential treatment for storm pump and drainage updates while poor or economically depressed or historically African-American areas are experiencing greater flooding from higher rainfall compounded with the frailties of a rapidly decaying sewage infrastructure.

It appears that county commissioners will continue chasing donor dollars and acting in the best interest of the few with little to no regard for the many.

Will the voices of the masses rise up like the tides and overwhelm the banks of power protecting islands of wealth?

Or will consolidated forces further cement their bunkers of prosperity in a sewage of muck they’ve wrought through inaction?

For now, only one thing is for sure, the rain is going to keep falling, and the ocean is here to stay.

By Jacob Katel

Diving into news about water.