Fresh Water Flowing Under Loop Road in The Everglades

Loop Road, ancient crossroads of time and space, has been home to killers, and bikers, and families, and fiddlers. Land of froggers, and fishermen, hunters, and millers. Waterfront, cow folk, and ancient adventurers; the nexus of Florida for whole tens of centuries.

It’s only in recent memory that this locale has bore witness to the droughting and re-routing of all its waters within thousands upon thousands of acres in every direction to a trickle of its natural and ever-downward-flowing state.

But it’s coming back!

And from the trickle forms a flood.

Witness greatness. Hear the sound of history, and the overflow’s rapidly accelerating liquid mass exploring the terrain of its own psychotropic consciousness.

By Jacob Katel

Diving into news about water.