Everglades “Hole In The Donut” Walk Through – Behind The Scenes

Here is just a small fraction of the activity behind the scenes of the making of Hidden Springs Of The Everglades as I traversed the wildly varied biological and botanical superdiversity of the “Hole In The Donut” ecological restoration area of Everglades National Park.

The ecological restoration here consisted of a full scrape of all vegetation down to the bedrock bones of the park. The invasive Brazilian Pepper had fully overgrown throughout this area especially and was completely removed through heavy metal machinery and human labor. This allows visitors to see The Everglades as they look under all the vegetation that usually covers them, and as the natural plant life returns, this area will once again be practically impossible to walk through.

No damage or strain was placed on the area by walking through it, and Slough Slogs are one of the most popular activities in Everglades National Park.

By Jacob Katel

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