Don Sup is Paddle Boarding For The People With A Purpose

Don Sup is an adventure-wear company for people who change the world for the better. Their slogan is “Travel. Adventure. Do good.”

Their hoodies, hats, shirts, and other products are often made from recycled materials, and when they hit the road in their family wagon, they sponsor beach cleanups and other pro-Earth activities to positively contribute to the environment of the communities where they touch down.

They’re all about Standup Paddle Boarding. And they love these Florida waters. Here’s what Tony from Don Sup had to say about traveling by paddling, paying it forward, and giving back.

What is Don Sup and how did you get started?

Don Sup was born as an idea by our family while staying on a houseboat in Destin, Florida. We doodled a lil guy that encompassed our love for the adventure, the water and leaving places better than we found them. You see, we try to do little things when we are out alone or as a family like picking up trash or joining clean ups.

What got you into the water life?  

The true passion for water life came about when we started stand up paddling back in 2010. It was such fun getting on big old boards with heavy paddles and trying to stand up. Feelings of being a kid again, being outdoors, being with loved ones – what else is there?!

What does Florida water mean to you?

Florida water means experiencing true national and natural treasures that are accessible to anyone. We love the cool fresh water springs on the interior of Florida and all of the salt water environments available along the entire shoreline from end to end of the state. So much beauty and life 🙂

Where have you paddled in Florida and where do you want to go next?

We paddled many springs such as the well known springs of Crystal River, many parts of the Gulf and Atlantic, and most recently we did a race around Bone Island in the Keys. Our SUP dog, Pancake, even came in 1st in her class!

What's more fun kayak, SUP, or canoe?

For us, SUP is on top of the list. We love the freedom of movement it provides while standing. Although SUP doesn’t provide much in water protection for gear, we have learned to pack light and pack tight for camping trips and long paddles.

Salt water, fresh water, or brackish water?

A couple years ago, we did an 60 mile overnight paddle on the Edisto River in South Carolina, one of the only non-dammed natural flowing black rivers left. We chose it because it provided black fresh water and its related plants and animals at the start, then snaked along as it turned brackish, and eventually into the salty Atlantic Ocean. Highly recommended!

What's your favorite place to paddle in the USA?

No favorites. The ones I recall, or see in pictures, all have some special memory, like paddling around the Capitol on the Potomac, on Bayou St John in New Orleans, the Tennessee River in Chattanooga for a 32 mile race, the canals of Venice Italy, the small clear lagoon of Atlantis in Nassau, the Catawba River in North Carolina, around Belle Isle in Detroit for a SUP race and concert after (epic!), and around Ocean Beach in San Diego where we encountered a huge sea lion.

What is next for Don Sup?

We are proud to say “Don Sup est. 2020” because it was a time for heavy reflection. For us it was an awakening that we have to stop just being consumers. We need to be conscious consumers and give back to the earth and people that provide our resources and services. We call people to keep the spirit of adventure alive AND do something good whenever they travel near or far. One tag line we like to use is “Chivalry is NOT dead”.

By Jacob Katel

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