The Everglades Currently Have Record Setting High Waters

shark valley closed
Shark Valley is closed, do not enter, December 1, 2020 – ©Jacob Katel

Wind, rain, hydraulic powered heavy metal machinery, the aquifer, Lake Okeechobee, these are some of the forces that shape the Everglades as we know them today.

But one thing is different between today and almost every other day in the past 45 years, and that’s the historic return of freshwater flowing through the southern Everglades, the great big mass of geography we call Everglades National Park.

According to park officials, “We’re seeing the highest water levels since 1962.”

Through a confluence of heavy torrential activity and the concerted effort of the South Florida Water Management District and the Army Corps of Engineers, slowly but surely the thirsty peat is getting wet once again.

All you need to do to see it for yourself is take a drive on the Tamiami Trail. Many of these great public areas are closed for most purposes, but the air is fresh, the temperature is cool, the gators are warming up in the sun, and the wildlife is calling.

Don’t speed though, you’ll most likely get pulled over by Miccosukee Police and get a speeding ticket.

Tourists should note, Shark Valley is closed and so are the access points at most of the classic public areas. However, the road is open and so are many, though not all of the airboat tour operators, and some of the restaurants, gift shops, and the gas station.

This is what history is made of, enjoy it.

By Jacob Katel

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