Daily Burns by Big Sugar in South Florida

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Everybody in Miami knows that Big Sugar runs the world, and that tons of refined white crystal exports are more important to the economy and diet of millions than even Wonder Bread. Throughout the USA, sugar mostly comes from beets. But a great statistical percentage of the rest comes from sugar cane grown, refined, processed, packed, and shipped from right… Continue reading Daily Burns by Big Sugar in South Florida

Understanding Stormwater Treatment Area 3/4

Phosphorus in waters that run into the Everglades, the Gulf of Mexico, Biscayne Bay, and Florida Bay and nutrient runoffs contribute to death in a vicious circle. No surprise that phosphorus was first synthesized by a 17th century alchemist in Germany named Hennig Brand. He was working with what he supposed were the metallurgical applications… Continue reading Understanding Stormwater Treatment Area 3/4

Smoke Plume Looms Over Lake Okeechobee

Blazing infernos in the sugarcane fields are an everyday occurrence in Palm Beach County, Florida. where U.S. Sugar farmers light these fires to decrease human labor and promote efficiency in their distribution chain. The fires effectively remove an outer layer of leaves from the cane and kill any little creatures living on the plant. Combined… Continue reading Smoke Plume Looms Over Lake Okeechobee

Hydraulic Currents That Kill

Never ignore the signs of killer currents around dams. Every year, these deceptive forces overpower swimmers, paddlers, and casual floaters alike. Swift currents are known to slam and drown people against the hydraulic machinery that works to control the natural flow of water. At first look, the waters around dams may seem perfectly safe. You… Continue reading Hydraulic Currents That Kill