Amdrill Geotechnical Drilling In The Everglades

There’s only one thing to do besides cry when a Florida sinkhole opens up and swallows everything up under it. Call Amdrill.

They are a multi million dollar company offering sinkhole repair services as well as geotechnical environmental drilling. And right now, you can find one of their trucks parked in the Florida Everglades.


Amdrill is a subcontractor hired for an unspecified job in the area. According to the company’s Vice President, reached by phone at his Brooksville, FL office, “We were just hired to drill some holes out there.”

Drill some holes for what? Jeff Clarkson declined to answer, and instead offered a Jacksonville phone number for whoever hired the company. That person never picked up, and most likely won’t be calling me back.

But take a drive along Tamiami Trail west of Krome Avenue and you are likely to see plenty of heavy-metal machinery either parked or actively running any of the many job sites for construction in the Everglades region.

Between the CERP program to restore the natural flow of freshwater throughout the Glades, and the South Florida Water Management District and Army Corps of Engineers fine tuning the vast interconnected network of pumps, locks, levees, dams, channels, and canals that control this ever flowing water, there’s always something to do in the river of grass.

Florida construction has never been easy. The sun, heat, wind, and rain are no laughing matter. But it’s truly the limestone, rip rock, and rockbase between endless tides of fresh and salt waters below, inside, and above the Earth of Miami that presents some of the greatest challenges.

Add to that list the grass that’s sharp as saw-blades, over a million killer reptilians, bloodsucking hordes of psychotic insects, the only people crazy enough to be out there, and you’ve got a zone that can only be built on with specially adapted tools and know-how.

Amdrill has been operating since 1978 and works regularly throughout the southeast U.S. and Caribbean. The company was founded by a guy named Wayne Jeffers. The only other guy who has ever owned it is one of his own workers who bought it when he retired after working for him from 1989 to 2011. Cool company.

There’s plenty of construction work in the Everglades area in this day and age, which means they’re making history again.

By Jacob Katel

Diving into news about water.