About A Mile of Key Largo Fence Is Knocked Over

UPDATE: As of February 2021 this has been fixed.

What’s wet, and wild, and can’t be stopped? The Ocean. Just ask any piece of human construction that’s ever gotten in its way. All you’re gonna hear is a gurgle and a wet cough. There may be no element more powerful on Earth than that big drippy cup of water we call “the drink.”

If you need proof, look no further than the Florida Keys, where there’s about a mile of fence between the Overseas Highway and Barnes Sound that’s knocked over from Little Blackwater Sound on the north to the approximate latitude of Crocodile Lake on the south.

Maybe you think it’s no big deal, but in that case, why is there a fence there at all? Take it as a grain of salt in a year full of hydrochloric acid, or see it as a job opportunity during a massive economic recession.

Either rip the fence out completely, or set it back up again. Just make sure to hire local workers to do it.

Barnes Sound is located in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. The portion of the Overseas Highway in this section is in Monroe County, but is owned by the State of Florida.

So who is in charge of the fence? Stay tuned, we’re going to figure this one out together.

By Jacob Katel

Diving into news about water.